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Sermon Recordings 2012-09-16am Lamb with pomegranate

Published on 16 September, 2012 by in Sermons

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2 Chronicles 2: 12-14; 3: 15-17; 4: 11-18

So often we believe we need to run off to a far off land to be a missionary for God. The truth is we are called to be missionaries where we are. It is the mission we are on that makes us a missionary. Like Huram of the Old-Testament we have the opportunity to Worship God in our work. When we change our mind set to realize that we have the chance to make “pomegranates” at our places of work that put the spotlight on the Lamb of God, we are being missionaries and showing God’s craftsmanship to a world that does not yet know Him. Sometimes we do good deeds that will only be appreciated by an audience of One – Work is Worship!

Is Your Faith in Kindergarten?

Work as Worship

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